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Danube cycle map

The famous Danube cycle path is the pioneer among European cycle paths and has been one of the most popular long-distance cycle paths in Europe for over 30 years. The Danube Cycle Path runs around 2.850 km along the banks of the Danube from its source in Germany to its mouth in the Black Sea. The many different stages along the second largest and second longest river in Europe lead through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

The cycle route of the Danube Cycle Path in Germany and Austria is very well developed. Most of the cycle route runs on both sides of the Danube, but sometimes only on one, so that the Danube has to be crossed several times. The first section of the Danube Cycle Path leads along the young Danube from Donaueschingen via Ulm to Donauwörth, through a landscape that is characterized by numerous castles, palaces, ruins, monasteries and baroque churches.

From Donauwörth, the Danube Cycle Path continues through Ingolstadt and Regensburg to Passau. On this section of the Danube Cycle Path, you follow the Danube across Bavaria. The bike route is particularly suitable for leisure cyclists and families, as the route is largely flat. The cities along the route invite you to stroll and discover.

The most spectacular section: From Passau to Vienna

The stage from the three rivers city of Passau to the Austrian capital Vienna is particularly popular with cyclists - the classic among all (Danube) bike tours. The bike-friendly infrastructure, the continuously paved route with hardly any inclines and the good signage ensure a relaxed bike trip. The bike tour is ideal for young and old and also for families with children. The route in Upper and Lower Austria is peppered with sights and natural attractions. In addition to the famous Schlögener Danube loop, the design city Linz, the mighty Benedictine Abbey of Melk and finally the Wachau wine region, one of the most spectacular river landscapes in the world, are passed. The next stages of the Danube Cycle Path lead along the Danube through the three metropolises of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

The Danube Cycle Path also has a lot to offer for e-bikers. Numerous bike-friendly businesses along the bike route offer free charging stations for e-bikes. A bike tour on the Danube Cycle Path can be ideally combined with other public transport. You have the opportunity to cover part of the route in a relaxed manner by train or ship

Österreich Radreisen offers two bike tours on the most popular section of the Danube Cycle Path between Passau and Vienna: The classic variant for leisure cyclists with 7 overnight stays and one sporty bike tour with daily stages of around 80 kilometers.

Danube Bike Path

Danube loop © WGD Donau OÖTourismus GmbH, Steininger


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